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    TianHe Area / ZhuJiang New Town Area More Properties
    Favorview Palace-View Details
    Favorview Palace
    | 中央庭院  |
    3Br.  160sqm  RMB16000
    special offer:¥14000
    Blossom Cove-View Details
    Blossom Cove
    | 中海花城湾  |
    2Br.  90sqm  RMB10000
    special offer:¥8000
    Top View-View Details
    Top View
    | 中海观园  |
    4Br.  246sqm  RMB24500
    special offer:¥22500
    The Cosmos-View Details
    The Cosmos
    | 誉峰  |
    3Br.  173sqm  RMB18000
    special offer:¥16000
    The Cosmos-View Details
    The Cosmos
    | 誉峰  |
    3Br.  175sqm  RMB18000
    special offer:¥16000
    Yuexiu Area / Ersha Area More Properties
    The Summit International Apartment-View Details
    The Summit Interna...
    | 尚峰国际  |
    2Br. 87sqm RMB9000
    special offer:¥7000
    Glorious City Garden-View Details
    Glorious City Gard...
    | 锦诚花园  |
    4Br. 200sqm RMB14000
    special offer:¥12000
    The Legend-View Details
    The Legend
    | 君汇世家  |
    4Br. 204sqm RMB17000
    special offer:¥15000
    Dragon Pearl Garden-View Details
    Dragon Pearl Garde...
    | 聚龙明珠  |
    4Br. 277sqm RMB17000
    special offer:¥15000
    Gold Arch Residence-View Details
    Gold Arch Residenc...
    | 金亚花园  |
    3Br. 200sqm RMB30000
    special offer:¥28000
    Haizhu Area / Panyu Area / Foshan Area More Properties
    Clifford Estates-View Details
    Clifford Estates
    | 祈福新村  |
    3Br. 188sqm RMB17000
    special offer:¥15000
    Clifford Bayview -View Details
    Clifford Bayview
    | 祈福佛山 南湾半岛  |
    5Br. 176sqm RMB13000
    special offer:¥11000
    Star River-View Details
    Star River
    | 星河湾盛荟  |
    4Br. 308sqm RMB27000
    special offer:¥25000
    Clifford-View Details
    | 祈福新村  |
    4Br. 180sqm RMB9000
    special offer:¥7000
    Cape Coral-View Details
    Cape Coral
    | 珊瑚湾畔  |
    4Br. 380sqm RMB50000
    special offer:¥45000
    Baiyun Area / Zengcheng Area More Properties
    Golden Lake Garden-View Details
    Golden Lake Garden
    | 金湖花园  |
    4Br. 195sqm RMB20000
    special offer:¥18000
    Jade Valley-View Details
    Jade Valley
    | 金湖翡翠谷  |
    4Br. 200sqm RMB22000
    special offer:¥20000
    Jade Valley-View Details
    Jade Valley
    | 金湖翡翠谷  |
    3Br. 200sqm RMB21000
    special offer:¥20000
    Jade Valley-View Details
    Jade Valley
    | 金湖翡翠谷  |
    4Br. 250sqm RMB23000
    special offer:¥22000
    Yunshan Xijing-View Details
    Yunshan Xijing
    | 云山熹景  |
    3Br. 128sqm RMB7900
    special offer:¥5900
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    Baiyun Area / Zengcheng Area / Haizhu Area / Panyu Area More Properties
    Tianhe Area / Zhujiangxincheng Area / Yeuxiu /Ersha Area More Properties
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